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Founded in 2016, subsidiary of Aluminco group, Inscreen's main field of activity is the production and distribution of upgraded insect screen systems, complying with the strictest European standards and meeting the most demanding constructions requirements.

Inscreen systems are produced from state-of-the-art production lines and with the highest technical specifications and production processes, completely in line with the specialized know-how and experience of its people.

Excellent quality and innovative features allow the INSCREEN insect screen systems to stand equally alongside the corresponding European products.

Inscreen SA is committed to a customer-oriented strategy with a single goal; to provide innovative products, with quality, design, functionality and reliability, in order to meet and exceed customers’ needs granting the highest respect towards the environment. To achieve this, all Inscreen products comply with the European Standard EN 13561: 2004, in conformity with the provisions of the Council Directive for construction products baring the CE marking.

Your collaboration with Inscreen ensures:

  • Quality and distinctive design
  • Immediate and efficient service
  • Integrated and innovative solutions

The offices and production facilities of the company are located in Metamorfosi, Athens, at a 2,000 sq. m. owned property.


offers unique solutions in insect screen systems, distinguished for their incomparable quality, durability, high aesthetics and functionality.


   Thessi Tempeli
   32011, Inofyta Viotia
   +30 22620 56657
   +30 22620 56654


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