Steel plate at the top
and low bottom guide at omega shap



ZERO, a pleated insect screen with caterpillar, represents the new generation of upgraded pleated screen systems, delivering high-end design solutions with high standards of functionality.

The system’s main advantage is the improvement of contemporary living conditions as it incorporates multiple innovative and unique features, whilst is the ideal option for the creation of elegant structures.

The long-term operation of the system is guaranteed thanks to the steel plate system at the top, which it meets perfectly the level of overall quality to many applications such as balcony doors with very large openings, one shutter structures up to 2 m width, atriums and according to the strictest specifications.

Moreover, the unique gliding, smooth and silent, at flat guide, almost zero height, makes it easy to clean but also allowing easy entrance and accessibility, ideal for children and disabled individuals.


Recommended Use:
Frames (doors)

Pleated mesh with pleat width of 20 mm, colored black

Closing with:

One shutter
Two shutters
One after the other

More options (upon request):
In specific dimensions
Grey colored mesh
In ΚΙΤ version, able to cut at the top up to 25 cm



offers unique solutions in insect screen systems, distinguished for their incomparable quality, durability, high aesthetics and functionality.


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